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Cobalt Amber
unisex natural perfume

€ 145.00

290€ / 100ml

500€ / 100ml



Sophistication and sensuality. It's an elegant perfume oriental, made with 100% natural ingredients, with notes of amber, bright pink pepper and juniper berry.

Who is it for:

To all people looking for a sensual and elegant fragrance.

You will love it if you are looking for:

A classic perfume but with a twist that makes it contemporary.

Because we like it?

It is sophisticated, but wearable at any time of the day. It stays on the skin for hours on end. Its composition from natural musks.

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  • Classic soul with modern spirit. Do these two characteristics speak of you? So the perfume that you will not be able to separate from in your day and night is Cobalt Amber by Abel, an adaptation of the well-known amber but with a fresher touch.

    Its formula contains a base note of amber and top notes of juniper berry, cardamom and pink pepper, which make this fragrance a soft, sensual and sparkling aroma. And without renouncing the aesthetic point: its packaging clean and minimalist will look luxurious in your bathroom.

  • · Spray Abel Cobalt Amber in strategic areas of your body: behind the ears, on the wrists or on the neckline.

    · Put a few drops on the pillow or on the bedding to bring an elegant touch to your room as well.

  • Ethanol, perfume, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, citral, coumarin, eugenol, isoeugenol, limonene, linalool * All of natural origin • Pink pepper extract - Reunion Island • Juniper berry oil - Balkans • Bergamot oil - Italy • Vetiverol - * Vetiver note of natural origin • Maltol - * Caramel note of natural origin • Tonka bean absolute - Venezuela • Peru balsam oil - El Salvador • Cistus labdanum absolute - Spain • Oil Sandalwood - India • Cedarwood Oil - USA • Patchouli Oil - Indonesia • Ambroxan - * Naturally Sourced Ambergris Note • Ambrettolide - * Naturally Sourced Musk Note • Vanillin - * Naturally Sourced Vanilla Note • Grain alcohol (undenatured) - Italy.

    * Organic.