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CBD Massage Oil
CBD massage oil

€ 39.90

100ml | €39.90 / 100ml

Made in Spain
Made in Spain

Intimate lubricant and massage oil. A very suggestive two-in-one with which to carry out all your fantasies while you relax to unsuspected extremes. May it never be missing on your nightstand...

Who is it for:

Those who want to experience new forms of pleasure. Anyone with muscle pain or simply wanting a good massage.

You will love it if you care:

Dryness, itching or burning in the vulva when you have intercourse. Liven up your sex life. Discomfort in muscles or joints.

Because we like it?

Its texture perfectly imitates the natural lubricity of the vagina. Its frequent use will not only provide you with very sensual moments, but it also helps to maintain the balance of the vaginal bacterial flora and the elasticity of the area.

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  • CBD Massage Oil from The Beemine Lab is a lubricant that relaxes, hydrates and soothes discomfort in the intimate area thanks to its magical formula with 1% CBD. It is 99% organic, vegan and cruelty free, ideal to enjoy with yourself or share a good session of eroticism and maximum delight.

    In addition to hemp, its composition with propolis and quinoa improves elasticity and prevents tightness, while coconut and aloe vera provide the necessary moisture to increase stimulation. The regenerative properties of the chlorella alga preserve vaginal flora and flexibility.

    As for its use as a massage oil, you can use it both as a sexual game and to relieve any type of muscle tension in other areas of the body, such as legs, neck or back, since CBD is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Oh what a pleasure!

  • · If you use it as an intimate lubricant: Apply it in the erogenous zones as you like. Let yourself go!

    · If it is for muscle massages: Clean and hydrate your skin a little. Moisten your hands and apply the oil to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to warm it up a bit and enjoy your massage session.