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Ayurvedic Herbal Tea – She Slept for 100 years
Relaxing Ayurvedic Herbal Tea

€ 16.80

80g | €21 /100g

Packaging Sostenible
Packaging Sostenible

Relaxing. Natural. Aromatic. Ayurveda tea is combined with hemp, rooibos, buckwheat and herbs to present you with a super relaxing infusion.

Who is it for:

For tea lovers.

You will love it if you are looking for:

A moment of relaxation before sleeping.

Because we like it?

Calming properties in a cup of tea. His packaging ecological and its dosing format.

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  • Looking for a relaxing moment before bed? Cosmic Dealer presents you with this relaxing tea that is perfect for taking a break after finishing your hectic day.

    Following the motto "She Slept for 100 Years", this infusion of Ayurvedic herbs is combined with hemp, rooibos, buckwheat, among others, to provide the disconnection that you are looking for so much. In addition, thanks to its sustainable and dosing format, you can mix the herbs and grains to taste, enhancing the flavor and creating the DIY tea.

    Discover the power of this wonderful relaxing tea and what it will create in you. ¿Ready to find calm in a cup of tea?

  • · Put a teaspoon of both doses in your cup when the water is approximately 100ºC.

    · Let the herbs act for 5 minutes.

  • Roasted buckwheat,* green rooibos,* red rooibos,* hemp leaves,* hemp flowers,* cinnamon,* star anise,* fennel fruit.

    *From Organic farming.