Because the Blue Monday is considered the saddest day of the year.? Should you feel guilty for being happy on this day when the rest of the population feels deep regret?

Is today the day you must answer: just, when they ask you, how are you? We answer these questions and much more in today's article.

What is Blue Monday?

The Blue Monday is known as the saddest day of the year., it is a day in which many people feel depressed and sad due to a combination of factors, such as bad weather and cold, debts from Christmas parties and lack of motivation or failure to comply with the habits proposed for the year new.

That is to say, it is the day that you leave the house with the cold in your body, you do not dare to look at your bank account, you miss the hugs of the grandmother at Christmas and you have not yet fulfilled your purpose of reading 10 pages of a book a day

However, and here comes the important thing, we have to remember that Blue Monday is just a date on the calendar and does not have to define our attitude or our life in general. So, there is no reason to get depressed and there are thousands of reasons to go visit your grandmother and read her a chapter of her favorite book, while you have a warm coffee with the blanket on your legs.

Instead of letting ourselves be overcome by sadness, we can use Blue Monday as an opportunity to reflect on our goals and our life.

It is a perfect day to set new goals and make plans to achieve them. We can use it to initiate positive changes in our lives, or simply relax and enjoy our present.

We can also take time to be thankful for the good things in our lives and remember that despite the challenges, there are many things to be thankful for.

When is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is celebrated on the third Monday of January. He Blue Monday 2023 It is celebrated on January 16.

And you will wonder, where did the idea of ​​this sad and desolate day come from? Who the hell has come up with such a thing? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a certain Cliff Arnall. I stayed the same.

In 2005, Cliff Arnall, a British clinical psychologist, -We understand why Cliff is sad, in England we still haven't opened a grocery store. All Yours and has nowhere to buy her clean and vegan cosmetics– published an article about a fmathematical formula to determine the saddest day of the year.

The formula took into account factors such as the weather, outstanding debts after Christmas, the distance from the last celebration with your relatives, the lack of motivation and the need to meet goals. According to Arnall, these factors combine to create the perfect cocktail of sadness on the third Monday in January, making it Blue Monday.

And blue in color psychology theory is associated with sadness, pessimism and despondency.

However, it is important to note that Arnall's formula has not been endorsed by the scientific community and many experts have questioned its validity. There's actually no scientific evidence to support the idea that the third Monday in January is especially sad compared to any other day of the year.

It is important to mention that sadness and depression are not something that can be measured by a mathematical formula or that occur only on a specific day of the year, they are serious mental health problems that can affect anyone at any time.

In summary, Blue Monday is an idea popularized by an article published in 2005, but it has no scientific foundation, sadness and depression are serious mental health problems that cannot be measured by a mathematical formula or limited to a specific day of the year. anus. It is important to treat them seriously and seek help if necessary.

Blue Monday sales at All Yours

And after everything we have told you, let's give this day a twist and a shot of positivity. To make it more joyful and turn it into a day of care and well-being, we have applied a 20% discount on all web of All Yours.

Turn Blue Monday upside down and make it a Self-care and Love Monday.

Tips for a more relaxed and happy life

And since it doesn't hurt, we leave you some tips that maybe they can help you with your purposes and goals for this 2023.

  • Practice meditation or yoga: These practices can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and mental well-being.
  • set realistic goals: Setting achievable goals can help you maintain a sense of accomplishment and purpose, rather than feeling overwhelmed. Example: I am going to apply sunscreen every day of the year.
  • Learn to say "no": Learning to say "no" to commitments and responsibilities that are not important can help reduce stress and increase free time for the things that really matter. As Megan Trainor said: “My name is no! my sign is no! My number is no!
  • connect with nature: Spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature, can help reduce stress and improve mental well-being.
  • practice gratitude: Taking time to reflect on the things you are grateful for can help you focus on the positive things in life and increase feelings of happiness.
  • get enough sleep: A good quality and quantity of sleep is essential for physical and mental well-being.
  • Establish meaningful relationships: Surrounding yourself with friends and family who support us and make us happy can improve our mental and emotional health.
  • Establish a healthy balance between work and personal life: It is important to find a balance between time spent at work and time spent spending time with friends and family, doing activities we enjoy, and taking care of our physical and mental health.

Remember that each person is different and what works for one will not necessarily work for another, but these tips they are a good starting point to find what will help you lead a more relaxed and happy life.

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