We have great news! After months of work to offer you the best care, the cabin of facial treatments All Yours.

Yes, they have come into your life and you will not want them to leave. We wanted to create a space for your care and well-being where you feel at peace.

Each of our treatments is unique and 100% adapted to the needs of your skin.

What is special about the treatments of All Yours?

Just like in our store, all The products that we use in the cabin are differentiated by being formulated from ingredients from organic farming, vegans and cruelty-free. So that you can enjoy a deeper treatment, with the benefits of cosmetics. clean beauty.

The treatments that you can enjoy in All Yours

Nuori Instant Glow Vitamin (Antioxidant Facial)

The express treatment designed for days when you want to have bright and healthy-looking skin for an important event or appointment, but you don't have much time.

It lasts 30 minutes in which we will focus on bring luminosity to your skin with a powerful cocktail of vitamins. An experience based on balancing your skin with a gentle massage and a deep treatment in a short time.

The Instant Glow Vitamin Facial will restore your skin to its natural glow, leaving it feeling refreshed and radiant.

Treatment includes:

  • Facial cleansing with fruit foam.
  • Deep exfoliation.
  • Relaxing stone facial massage.
  • Moisturizing mask.
  • Final products: Eye contour cream, repairing serum, moisturizing cream and sun protection. 

Nuori Fresh Glow Facial (Facial vitamins)

This treatment is aimed at demanding skin, those looking for an extra glow and only settle for the best.

An antioxidant and revitalizing facial that combats dullness, dryness, uneven skin tone and fine lines. Each step provides the skin with nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants.

The The result is a revitalized skin and recovered from the damage of free radicals. such as the sun, pollution, tobacco smoke, etc.

Treatment includes:

  • Double cleaning with fruit enzymes.
  • Steam + Exfoliating deep cleansing
  • Relaxing facial massage
  • detoxifying mask
  • Intense hydration mask
  • Hot/cold cloths
  • Final products: Eye contour cream, repairing serum, moisturizing cream and sun protection. 

deep facial hygiene

The reason why celebrities, actresses and models have such radiant, otherworldly skin is that they go to Deep facial cleansing once a month.

Yes, friends, that's the secret, deep treatments indicated for your skin type and in the best hands, like in the salon All Yours.

Deep facial hygiene has as objective to refine the most superficial layers, remove dead cells and improve the appearance, luminosity and texture of the skin.

Includes extraction of blackheads and the use of appliances: ultrasonic spatula, hydrafacial and high frequency. According to the skin's need.

The end result is a more even, illuminated skin with less visible pores. It has it all, complete, complete.

Clean & Glow (Antioxidant facial treatment)

Do you like to feel your skin soft and juicy? Hard question! Probably few people say no.

The Clean & Glow Treatment improves skin texture and luminosity, as well as treating dark spots caused by free radical damage, such as the sun, pollution, a poor diet or tobacco smoke.

Its purpose is to achieve a superficial exfoliation of the skin, managing to clarify epidermal spots.

Includes extraction of blackheads, microdermabrasion and chemical peeling. According to the skin's need.

Final result, Dark spots are lightened by removing superficial dead cells, dull skin is brightened and the appearance of pores is improved. dilated.

Fresh & Pure (Facial exfoliation)

Indicated for sensitive and irritated skin. The Fresh & Pure treatment of All Yours has for purpose decrease erythema and edema of the skin. Reducing inflammation, decongesting and calming the sensation of heat and discomfort.

Firmness is recovered and the skin barrier is repaired, deeply hydrating. Help to improve and restore skin with rosacea and/or skin that is sensitive, or that are sensitized by some external factor such as a very aggressive acne treatment.

Decongests, calms and minimizes skin redness. According to the state of the skin, it will be evaluated if extractions are made. Apparatus is used: ultrasonic spatula, high frequency and cryotherapy. Includes Jelly Mask application.


  • The sensation of itching and heat
  • irritation
  • Skin discomfort and sensitivity
  • Reddish coloration and dehydration
  • Inflammation

Relaxing Facial Massage

We have thought of this treatment for all those people who, like us, feel a tingle when the body asks that it is time for a relaxing massage. You think of the moment and a shiver runs through you wishing you could forget the world for a few minutes and find yourself in a place of peace.

After a long day at work, stop by All Yours and you will leave refreshed and full of vitality.

It's massages eliminates toxins, drains and relaxes the muscles (a wonder for those who suffer from bruxism). You already begin to feel the tingling that asks you to come to All Yours to receive a massage so relaxing that it borders on the spiritual.

The relaxing facial massage is designed for you to pamper yourself and enjoy a few minutes with you. Work the facial muscles with superficial movements, stimulating circulation and helping products to penetrate better.

Improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin and signs of fatigue. It is recommended to do it once every 15 days, although we would do it every day.

Precautions: we recommend not driving right after performing this massage, as you will relax so much that you will lose your senses.

What are you waiting for to come and try the facials that everyone will be talking about in Barcelona?

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