The facial cleansing is the foundation for healthy skin, but we often unknowingly make mistakes that can hinder our efforts. Join us to discover common facial cleansing mistakes and learn how to avoid them, achieving a flawless routine for glowing skin.

Forgetting to remove makeup 

There's no mistake more common than forgetting to remove makeup completely, with a make-up remover suitable for your skin type. Makeup residue clogs pores, causing irritation and buildup of impurities. Be sure to use a gentle makeup remover effective cleanser to remove all the impurities that accumulate on the skin. Face during the day.

The ideal is to perform double cleansing or use a product that acts as 2 steps in 1, such as the cleansing balm of the brand from Barcelona. Rowse.

Tangerine Cleansing Balm by Rowse

Tangerine Cleansing Balm, is a balm indicated for sensitive skinIt absorbs impurities and effectively removes dirt and traces of makeup.

Excessive exfoliation, a silent danger 

Exfoliation is key, but over-exfoliation can be harmful. Too much exfoliation can strip away natural oils, leaving skin vulnerable and prone to irritation. Opt for a exfoliation with products Exfoliants products and no more than twice a week.

Glow Tonic Exfoliating Scrub Nuori

Or choose Exfoliants enzymatic products such as Glow Tonic by NuoriGlow Tonic, which renews the skin's surface and repairs and increases hydration for exceptional radiance.

Do not adapt products to skin type

Every skin is unique, and using the wrong products can throw it out of balance. Make sure you know your skin type and select products that suit its specific needs. A Facial cleanser designed for your skin type will make all the difference.

It's also very important to opt for gentle, moisturizing cleansers that won't leave your skin with a Face dry after cleansing.

Face Wash By Mukk

The cleanser Face Wash by By Mukk Face Wash is moisturizing, balancing and soothing, the best attributes you can find in a cleanser.

Ignoring the importance of nighttime cleansing

Nighttime cleansing is often underestimated. During the night, the skin regenerates, and proper nighttime cleansing can enhance this process. Not overlooking this step is crucial to a complete facial care routine.

The Eyes

The skin around the eyes is delicate and prone to breakouts. Wrinkles. When cleansing this area, avoid excessive friction and opt for specific products for the eyes. Treat this area gently to avoid irritation and promote firmness.

An ideal make-up remover oil for this purpose is Huile Démaquillante by Z & MAwhich contains soothing centella asiatica, removes make-up quickly and gently and leaves the skin juicy and luminous.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you'll be on your way to a flawless facial and radiant skin. Remember, an effective facial care routine starts with small adjustments - here's your path to healthier, glowing skin!

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