We were waiting for it, we counted the days with a mental summer advent calendar, we think about this time all year long. The so grateful holidays, the afternoons in the coves, the smell of the sea and sun cream. How we like that smell! And the trips, oh, the trips. We hadn't missed something so much since we became independent and it wasn't mom who made us her delicious recipes.

The wait is over summer is so close I feel the heat on my skin being under the air conditioning in the office, tingling runs through my body thinking about the long-awaited vacation. Touch the wardrobe change to lighter clothes, shorts, suspenders or whatever you like to wear, we are not fashion gurus. Also it is time to decide which products will accompany you in these months of heat and movement.

We have it clear, would you like to know the essential products for the Summer of All Yours?

1. Protector Solar 

The essential par excellence, in summer and throughout the year. You bestie if what you want is skin that produces collagen for many years and remains smooth and healthy. 
It is recommended to reapply it every two hours., especially if you are going to spend a long day at the beach looking at the sun as you look at your crush or a day of outdoor sports, so when it's time to reapply it you can rest a little. They are all advantages. 

Our chosen product for this summer is the Eco Sun sunscreen with an SPF 50 from Seventy One Percent.

Protector solar Seventy One Percent

2. Face cleaner

let's not forget the importance of a good daily facial cleansing, to eliminate the remains of impurities that accumulate on our skin during the day. It is the moment of relaxation, at night with your favorite facial cleanser, just you and him, or her and you, it depends on whether you choose the Vera & The Birds facial cleansing foam

The best thing is that it smells like a summer night in Ibiza. 


Espuma limpiadora facial Vera & The Birds

3. Facial mist 

Refreshing and hydrating, they are the perfect complement to take with you everywhere.. Especially if you live in a very hot area, you will appreciate it.

Here we have a clear winner, the Merme Rose Quartz Antioxidant Mist. Refreshes and soothes your skin, thanks to the action of rose water and the small rose quartz crystals inside.

If you have had a stressful day and the holidays are not yet up, it is also very good to shake the bottle and listen to the smooth movement of quartz stones. Imagine yourself near a waterfall and the water splashing on your skin.


Bruma facial Antioxidante Merme

4. Light Facial Moisturizer 

The sun dries out the face, so it is important to have a good moisturizer that fulfills its only function, moisturize your skin, and also if it is fresh and light for these hot summer days, match.

For us the choice is simple, if we talk about lightness and refreshing sensation the biobay moisturizing gel cream meets everything. Formulated with coconut water, it leaves you glowing and hydrated skin and if you put it in the fridge overnight, you'll love it when you apply it in the morning.


Crema hidratante en gel Baiobay

5. Body Moisturizer 

On vacation we must not forget the time for ourselves, those 15 minutes a day that we dedicate to our well-being. A moisturizing body cream after a day at the beach, a Aloe vera base, fresh and easy to apply, which will be? Let us think, oh, we know one!

Organic Aloe Vera Gel de Aromatica, calming, regenerating and fresh. The perfect cream for dehydrated skin, irritation, scars and burns. You can apply it to your face and body and it lasts a long time, it's a complete yes. 


Aloe Vera Orgánico Aromatica

6. Lipstick 

The lips are the ones that are most affected by the action of UVA rays, and the skin that covers them is one of the most delicate on the body.. It is important to protect them and keep them nourished.

Your two for one is the Salt & Stone lip balm, which nourishes and hydrates your lips as well as protecting them from the sun with its 30 protection so you don't suffer burns. Formulated with shea butter, almond and argan oil.

 Bálsamo labial con SPF 30

7. simple makeup routine 

Let's be honest, in summer you don't want to put on makeup, you want to show off the luminous skin. So we recommend the Axiology balms, a set with 3 nourishing and moisturizing colors that will serve as lipstick, eye shadow, blush and highlighter. 


Set de bálsamos Axiology

8. Moisturizing Hair Mask 

Hair suffers a little in summer, direct sun, sea or pool water, sand, and other factors to which we expose it.

Although, we are saved! That's why hair masks exist, to get us out of trouble when it starts to become a broom texture.

She takes care of that very well. cut by fred super moisturizing mask, and we have it in two sizes, one that will last until your children have children and another in a small format, which you will take on trips that you will later tell your grandchildren about while you apply the mask you bought in '22.

A picture is worth a thousand words, in case you don't believe us.


Mascarilla capilar hidratante Cut By Fred

9. Deodorant 

A deodorant that last 3 days, do not dry the skin, do not cause irritation and get you not sweating? Marching.

Nuud's deodorantLook no further, this is it.


Desodorante natural de Nuud

10. Perfumes

The golden brooch of summer essentials, a fresh and fruity perfume to go out for dinner on a terrace in your best clothes next to the beach.

A perfume that will make whoever passes by you wonder what fragrance you are wearing is the 201 Fruity by Bon Parfumeur, fresh, floral, fruity. It smells like pure summer.


Perfume natural Bon Parfumeur

Although if sweet aromas are not your thing, take a look at the Bon Parfumeur fragrances or better come and visit us at our barcelona store and you can try them all.

If you want to know the summer essentials collection fullTake a look at the link and you will discover all the ideal products to use in this season of the year that makes us all so happy. 

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