Today, environmental awareness and concern for our planet is constantly growing. More and more people are looking for products that are environmentally friendly, and that includes sunscreens.sunscreens, a product that, when used correctly, we apply on a daily basis.

In this article, we will talk about biodegradable sunscreens and the importance of choosing products that are suitable for both our skin and aquatic ecosystems.and give you five choices of biodegradable sunscreen brands.

What is a biodegradable sunscreen?

A biodegradable sunscreen is a type of sunscreen that breaks down naturally by the action of living organisms.mainly bacteria and fungi. This means that these products do not leave harmful residues in the environment. after use.

Biodegradable Sunscreen of the brand Rowse

In addition, biodegradable sunscreens are often formulated without certain chemicals found in many conventional sunscreens, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate.which can be harmful to coral reefs and marine life. Therefore, biodegradable sunscreens are a more environmentally friendly option.

What are the ingredients in sunscreens that affect the sea?

Many traditional sunscreens contain ingredients that can be detrimental to marine ecosystems. Here is a list of some of the most common ingredients and how they affect the sea:

  • Oxybenzone

This ingredient has been linked to coral bleachingwhich can lead to their death and degradation.

  • Octinoxate

Another ingredient that has been shown to have negative effects on corals, causing bleaching and hindering their ability to recover..

  • Oxybenzene

This compound has been associated with death of coral larvae and the alteration of their reproduction..

  • Parabens

Parabens are preservatives used in many cosmetic products, including sunscreens. These compounds can affect the reproduction and development of marine organisms..

Woman applying biodegradable sunscreen
  • Octocrylene

It has been observed that this ingredient has harmful effects on phytoplankton.an important food source for many marine organisms.

It is important to note that the massive use of industrial sunscreens with these ingredients has contributed significantly to the pollution of the oceans. However, the good news is that safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives are available..

Can biodegradable sunscreens be applied to the face and body?

Yes, biodegradable sunscreens are suitable and effective for both face and body. These creams are formulated to provide broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, while being gentle and non-pore-clogging.

You can find specific options for both face and body such as the face and body sunscreen from Salt & Stoneperfect to apply when we are exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time.

There are also options of sunscreens with color for everyday use, such as the one from Laboratoires Biarritz.

When choosing a biodegradable sunscreen, it is important to check that it is labeled as such. Look for recognized certifications that support its biodegradability and safety for the environment..

Top 5 of the best environmentally-friendly sunscreens

At All Yoursall the sunscreens that we have are mineralwhich means that they create a physical barrier on the skin that prevents the sun's rays from penetrating and damaging it. If you want to know more about mineral sunscreens, you can do so in our article, "Mineral sunscreens: The trend in Clean beauty

Here we leave you the top 5 best sellers of All Yours:

Biodegradable sunscreen - Laboratoires Biarritz

Laboratoires Biarritz Face and Body Sun Spray SPF 50

This sunscreen in spray format is suitable for both face and body.. It is perfect for all members of the family, from adults to children from 6 months old. It contains a high sun protection that guarantees protection against UVA and UVB rays..

Discover the product

British Summer Time SPF30 by Pai

The sunscreen perfect for the most sensitive skinprotects against UVA and UVB rays, in addition to blue light protection. It does not leave skin greasy and absorbs quickly while moisturizing your skin.

Discover product

Sunscreen Nuori - Article

Mineral Defense Sunscreen SPF30 by Nuori

This sunscreen combines protection with skin benefits. Thanks to its combination of ingredients, it is a great ally to moisturize and nourish the skin while protecting you from the harmful effects of the sun.. In addition, it has a mattifying action that prevents shine throughout the day.

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Salt & Stone Sunscreen - Article

Salt & Stone Mineral Sunscreen

All-natural, fragrance-free sunscreen with SPF 50, formulated to be water and sweat resistant.. Suitable for both face and body.

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Mádara - Article

Mádara Stem Cell Sunscreen SPF30

Discover the mineral-based anti-aging facial sunscreen, a natural and innovative option that guarantees broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays, with a flawless, streak-free finish.

Thanks to its unique formula with SPF30 and plant stem cells, your skin will receive a good dose of antioxidants to protect it against urban pollution, sun damage and premature aging.. It also works to prevent all types of sun damage, from dryness to dark spots and loss of volume.

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How do you know if a sunscreen is biodegradable?

To make sure a sunscreen is biodegradable, you should carefully check the product label. Look for the following characteristics:

  • Ingredientsa biodegradable sunscreen must be formulated with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
  • Biodegradable water resistanceCheck that the product is labeled as "biodegradable water resistant". This means that it will not contaminate water bodies when you bathe or swim.
  • CertificationsLook for recognized seals and certifications that support the biodegradability of the product. Some examples of COSMOS certificate, EWG certificate and the Foundation for Environmental Education seal..

In summary, choose a biodegradable sunscreen is an effective way to protect our skin and preserve marine ecosystems.. With a wide range of options available in All Yoursit is possible to enjoy the sun responsibly without compromising the planet's health. Remember to read labels, research brands and make a conscious choice when buying your biodegradable sunscreens - your skin and the ocean will thank you!

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