Just as we protect our skin from the sun's harmful rays, we must also protect our scalp from the sun's harmful rays. protect our hairwhich is also damaged. More in summer by sea water, chlorine from swimming pools and as we have already said the incessant rays of the sun on your hair, which give it a beautiful shine, but let's be cautious, do not perpetuate the saying that ".to be beautiful you have to suffer”.

1) Cover your hair from the sun

The hair and head are very exposed to the sun in summer. during the day, it's hard to hide from it, unless you're running from shade to shade on the street, or you're incredibly prepared at the beach or pool with huge umbrellas.

So that you're not so burdened or have to rely on shades, we recommend a simpler and more fashionable way to protect your hair.

Cover it up! With a cap, hat, scarf or whatever you like..

Sun protection scarf And if at some point you decide to take off your accessory against the sun's rays, we advise you to think about not combing your hair with the parting in the middle and opt for a slicked back style.This way you won't leave your roots exposed and it won't burn, which we know how inconvenient it is.

2) Apply hair protectors

Yes, they do exist. There are hair protectors, like the ones you use to protect your skin from the sun. It's all invented, my friend.

Why is it important to protect your hair from the sun's rays? The heat dehydrates the hair, by the constant loss of water, the harmful rays of the sun weaken it and alter the color, that's why blondes become blonder, but without the fun that Rob Steward talked about in the song "The blondes become blonder, but without the fun that Rob Steward talked about in the song "The blonde hair".Blondes had more fun”.

3) Moisturizing the hair, a fundamental factor

Let's rewind to the part where the heat makes the hair dehydrated and dry, how do we solve this? By moisturizing. We don't just tell you the problems, we also like to give you the solutions.

After so many years in the grooming profession, we know all the tricks, and there's one that many of you may already know, and that is put on a moisturizing mask when you go to the beach or the pool.. Because you know the saying "prevention is better than cure”.

Application of moisturizing hair mask

Although if you prefer to go to the beach or pool with your hair loose and windblown, the second option is to carry a moisturizing mask in your bag and apply it after taking all the dips your body needs, after rinsing your hair with fresh water.

4) Rinse your hair after swimming in the sea or pool.

The chlorine or salt water from the sea that remains in our hair after a swim dries out and damages our hair.And we don't want that! So, when you've quenched your thirst for a summer swim after a well-deserved day of enjoyment and relaxSo, when you have quenched your thirst for summer bathing after a well-deserved day of enjoyment and relaxation, look for a shower with fresh water to rinse off the remains of chlorine or salt water.

You can also take the opportunity to make a video of yourself as a lifeguard at the beach while you rinse your hair in slow motion, or well, you can add the slow motion later to the video, as people get very impatient if they have to wait in line, even if they are in a queue. relaxing and on vacation at the beach.

5) Try to avoid flat irons and blow dryers.

With this tip we also do you a favor, because who feels like ironing their hair at 160ºC in the heat of the day? my armah.

With all this care you will avoid having to cut your hair, because hair does not grow as fast as your neighbor's children that you have been seeing for years, but you still feel that they have grown from one day to the next.

The essentials of All Yours in summer to take care of your hair

Nourishing mask with coconut from Baiobay

At the top of the pyramid we have the moisturizing coconut mask from Baiobay. It smells great, moisturizes like no other and leaves your hair silky and nourished. We take it everywhere.

Nourishing mask Baiobay

Hair oil from Rulls

This 3-in-1 hair oil moisturizes the ends before washing, seals in moisture on clean hair and promotes growth by massaging it into the scalp.

It is formulated with coconut, sunflower and castor oil, perfect for curly hair, although all hair types can use it.

Apply before sun exposure to protect hair and keep it moisturized, and at night as a hair stimulant by gently massaging it into the roots.

Hair conditioner and hair mask from The Organic Republic

Since we love products that serve more than one function at a time and in summer you don't feel like applying products or carrying them with you. We make it easy.

Conditioner and mask in one step, detangle and moisturize.

To get the most out of it, apply it after an intense day at the beach and leave it in your hair if you're going out, with a wet look updo that looks great for dinner with luminous makeup. This will keep your hair intensely nourished and prevent damage.

Scalp treatment pack by Cut By Fred

If even after taking all the precautions, your hair looks lifeless and dry after the summer. We recommend a solution that will restore vitality and strength to your hair.

The pack of Cut By Fred pack consists of the serum Vegan Scalp Potion formulated with plant oils rich in essential omegas and protective ingredients such as baobab, marula and camelina, and a Stimulating Scalp Brushideal for massaging your hair and maximizing the benefits of this treatment.

You will reduce redness and dandruff and relieve itching caused by dry scalp..

If you have any questions after this article, please contact us through our social networks or come to the store of All Yours and we will be happy to advise you.

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