There are several reasons why we get acne: the most common is in the stage of adolescence in which our body goes through a series of hormonal imbalances. But it can appear at any time as adult acne due to hormonal imbalance.

Another reason why we are not able to get rid of acne are some bad habits we adopt, which can make it worse.

What is acne?

Acne is a inflammatory skin diseaseIt occurs when the hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead cells.

It is not very clear what acne is, but we will try to explain it in a simple way for those who deal with it but do not know very well why it occurs.

Acne is caused by a bacterium with a beautiful and memorable name: Propionibacterium acnessimple.

When acne wants to come out and say hello and spend a vacation on your beautiful face, the hair follicles become clogged due to increased sebum secretion..

Acne in images
In some cases, during puberty, menopause, or menstruation increases a hormone called dihydrotestosteronewhich causes the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than necessary. No, we don't like this hormone.

These glands are connected to the pores of our skin via the follicle, through which the sebum transports the dead skin cells to the surface of the epidermis so that they can be eliminated. Dead skin cells on oily skin are not shed, so that a blockage of the hair follicle occurs due to an accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells..

The production of sebum continues, which causes the follicle to widen and the blockage becomes noticeable, called closed comedo or whitehead. If the combination of sebum and dead cells is in contact with air, it will oxidize, giving rise to the blackhead.

That was a brief explanation, wasn't it? Study it because it is part of the exam.

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Habits that worsen acne

1) Inadequate skin cleansing

Too much is bad, too much or too little washing. Or a poor choice of your facial cleanser. But let's see why:

Washing your face too much or with an unsuitable cleanser for our foot type.l, for example a very drying one for oily or dry skin, causes the skin to produce more sebum to regulate itself and we end up with more acne..

If you have acne and you wear makeup it is super important, and if you don't have it too, to remove your make-up every day. Just as you promise your partner eternal love, you promise your cleanser more.

Skin cleansing The skin has pores, and in them during the day accumulates sebum, sweat, dead cells, traces of makeup, pollution, which in contact with air oxidize and become blackheads.Therefore, a good cleansing is essential, morning and evening.

2) Stress

The cortisol, also called stress hormone, increases sebum production.That is why when we are stressed we get pimples or worsen the condition of the ones we already have.

We live in an era of stress and chronic high levels of cortisol, let's take some time each day to bring us that tranquility needed to face our days with the greatest possible serenity.

The process of personal growth and balancing emotions is long and can be complicated, but we trust that we are all capable of being our best selves. In the meantime, natural supplements to regulate stress, will be your faithful friend, such as Electra from Superlativa.

3) Constantly touching your face

You may not realize it, but we touch our faces on a fairly regular basisand there wouldn't be a problem if our hands didn't accumulate so many bacteria.

Another typical habit is to put the phone close to your face when you are on a call, because it is also full of bacteria that stick to our face, and to our hands. So from now on you know, keep your cell phone away from your face.

Talking on the phone
Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face, your skin will thank you for it.

4) Squeezing pimples

We have been told this ad nauseam. Our mothers have warned us, "don't pop your pimples or you'll leave marks."but there is a superior force that prevents it, it is to see it there, so, so.... Well no, no more of that!

We understand that it's like quitting smoking, but if you get the urge, we recommend the videos of dermatologists removing comedones that you have in Tik Tok and Youtube, warning, they are addictive, but so you will not hurt your sensitive and beautiful skin.

5) Not choosing the right cosmetics

The cosmetics you use play an important role in the condition of your skin and the aggravation of your acne..

Choosing the wrong cosmetics is like choosing the wrong color for the walls of your house, you will see it every day.

People with an oily skin type should choose products that are non-comedogenic or do not contain oils.such as coconut, as these types of ingredients clog pores.

It is also not recommended to use very drying products, contrary to what is often said, as these end up causing your skin to generate more sebum to regulate itself.

Products that help to keep acne at bay and improve it

How about putting together a little routine for oily, acne-prone skin?

Step 1: Facial cleansing

For oily skin, the ideal cleansing routine for the skin is double cleansing at night and a lighter gel cleansing in the morning..

  • Double cleansing at night will help to remove all the impurities and dirt accumulated during the day more effectively. So we will choose an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser, such as the combo:

Orange cleansing Sherbet by AromaticaOrange cleansing sherbet, an oil-based balm that thoroughly cleanses impurities and hydrates your skin. Cleansing gel with salicylic acid from Meisani that will remove the rest of impurities and does not dry your skin.

  • A morning light foam will help to remove the remains of the products of our night routine that are stronger and more photosensitive:

Our favorite is the revitalizing foam from Nuori which balances the skin's pH and leaves it radiant and ready for the day's actives.

Step 2: astringent toner

Astringent toners help regulate the skin's pH and diminish the appearance of open pores due to excess sebum.

For this step, we have it clear, the Calm toner from Mamita Botanicalsuper easy to apply and refreshing, it's like a cold shower on a hot summer day. Come on, a fantasy.

Soothing mist Merme Berlin

Step 3: serum

The third step of our routine will be a serum with the main active ingredient that transforms your skin, our recommendations are:

Green tea serum from Benton. It contains 53% green tea that helps reduce sebum production and three types of hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory action will make your face look less red and with continued use it will feel better and better.

If you no longer have acne but want to prevent it from appearing again or if you have oily skin with marks, the All In One serum by Innia Beauty serum is for you. Its ingredients are the key to soothe and prevent marks or redness of the skin: niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, gluconolactone, inulin and stabilized Vitamin C.

Step 4: moisturizing (yes, oily skin too)

Last but not leastA good moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin. Avoid very heavy formulations or formulations with comedogenic ingredients.

For this purpose we have two perfect choices:

The Anti-Pollution Moisturizer from Quinqueis formulated with CBD, aloe vera and vitamin C, potent ingredients that repair your skin barrier and soothe irritation.

Or the centella asiatica "bye-bye pimples" gel from Bentonindicated for sensitive and oily skin, relieves redness and itching. It is formulated with centella asiatica, which reduces inflammation, improves circulation and moisturizes; cypress water, a powerful ingredient that decongests and cleans pores, and extract of the bark of the African tree. Enantia chloranthawhich cleanses the skin and reduces sebum secretion.

And a quiet companion of the skincare world, if you don't know exactly what type of skin you have and which products or ingredients are best for your skin, take a look at our store in Barcelona and we will make you a free skin diagnosis and a recommendation of the products that could benefit your beautiful face.

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