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There is a bit of reluctance regarding the use of solid products in cosmetics. We are used to more liquid textures and large containers.

But once you try them, you never want to go back. Not only do they last longer but they are also zero waste (and by using them you reduce the use of plastics and environmental pollution.. And not only that, your skin and skin care routine will be more natural and complete.

What are solid cosmetics?

Solid cosmetics are products that are made without an aqueous base so that the active ingredient is in higher concentrations.unlike liquid cosmetics in which water makes up 90% of the formulation.

Since the cosmetic industry spends huge amounts of money on the packaging of its products, the fact of producing solid products reduces costs and the use of polluting materials for the planet, such as plastics.

The solid cosmetics in All Yours is formulated from organic ingredients, without chemicals, preservatives or synthetics.based on the criteria of our Safe List.

You can find them in many formats, from shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, gels and make-up removers.

Life style Crudo

Why use solid cosmetics?

  • The concentration of active ingredients is higher

Because being solid, it does not contain waterthe active ingredients of each product are in higher concentration. And your skin will receive the benefits of each ingredient directly.

  • Last longer

Although comparisons are odious, a liquid product will last you about 1 month, while a liquid product will last you about 1 month. solid cosmetics can last up to 3 months.. So you will save money, as you will have to replenish your products less frequently.

  • They are formulated from natural ingredients

Solid products contain ingredients of natural origin in their formulations such as vegetable oils, essential oils or butters. And they do not contain parabens, silicones or sulfates, nor synthetic or chemical preservatives.

All ingredients are safe and suitable for sensitive skin.. In addition, they usually smell like holy glory.

  • They are biodegradable and plastic-free.

The solid cosmetics are not packagedthus avoiding the use of polluting plastics. They are 100% biodegradable and none of their ingredients will cause a negative effect on the environment.

  • Takes up less space and is ideal for travel

An important quality of these products is that they you don't have to check them in on your air travels.since they are non-liquid. No more worrying about how you are going to carry your favorite products.

You won't be surprised when you arrive at your destination and your suitcase is full of liquid because one of them has spilled.

The best solid natural cosmetic products to start with

1. Solid body soap

For shower time, solid soaps are a more relaxing and pleasant alternative. But what if, with the same soap you use to soap your body, you can wash your hair, your face, your tattoos, or even your dog? Well, don't use exactly the same one you use for yourself with your dog, or yes, here everyone is free to do what they want.

This is possible with the Dr. Bronner's castile soap in tablet form.. It is multi-purpose, ideal for sensitive skin and babies. You will be able to choose between several scents, if you are able to do it, because in our case, we have chosen them all.

2. Solid shampoo

The solid shampoo is the revelation of the solid products, it's very effective and leaves your hair incredibly clean and well cared for.

At TheOrganic Republic have done it perfectly with their solid shampoos for all hair types that regulate excess sebum, moisturize, purify and deeply cleanse.

Solid shampoos The Organic Republic
Contains thyme and rosemary essential oilsto stimulate the roots and help hair grow strong and healthy. Perfect to carry in your travel toiletry bag, not to generate waste and take care of your hair.

3. Conditioner

Choosing a good conditioner is essential so you don't end up with all the hair on your head in your hand when you comb your hair.

Maybe if there was one made with 6 nourishing, natural ingredients that help detangle without causing breakage... Wait a minute, there is!

Solid Conditioner Crudo

The sulfate- and paraben-free solid conditioner from Crudo. Its formula contains only 6 ingredients: 100% hydrogenated vegetable oilsthat moisturize the hair and scalp; Cetearyl Alcoholwhich emulsifies with water and creates a soft cream; vegetable-based conditioner, which helps detangle; citric acidwhich adds shine; vitamin B5which stimulates growth; and a minimum quantity of perfumefor your pampering pleasure.

Plus, it's more fun to apply conditioner in solid form. And we love the new products that are here to stay.

4. Makeup remover soap

Removing makeup is the most important step of the night. No more going to bed with makeup on. Although we know that removing makeup and mascara is sometimes lazy.

Solid make-up remover

That's over with soap make-up remover soap with olive and almond oil from Crudo. 99% of its ingredients are natural: rice waxwhich has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; olive oilwhich prevents premature aging of the skin; almond oil, which deeply moisturizes.

5. Deodorant

Finding the perfect deodorant for you can be difficult. It's important to make the right choice because your scent and comfort depend on it. And when you find one that delivers, you don't want to let go. But what if this time you opt for a natural and natural alternative? cruelty free? Like the Salt & Stone natural deodorant

Salt & Stone Natural DeodorantIts minimalist packaging is recyclable and made of ocean plastic. Taking care of our wonderful planet and the forests where we can appreciate such characteristic essences as sandalwood. Also, containsa whole cocktail of ingredients that soothe, moisturize and protect your skin..

It smells good, it's earth-friendly, it doesn't irritate and it protects you all day long. If you're picky, you won't put a but.

If you want smell the products, touch them and try out how wonderful their properties areproperties, stop by the store of All Yours in Barcelona and we will help you choose the best one for you.

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