It's here, it's here! The long-awaited summer: afternoons on the beach with a good book, breathing sea and tranquility, meeting your friends for a drink on a terrace, enjoying the good weather. The excitement is palpable.

It is also time to start thinking about the sunscreen that will accompany us more than ever during these months in which protection from the sun's harmful rays is paramount. So, let us clear up your doubts a bit with some suggestions from our range of mineral sunscreens that are respectful of your skin and the environment..

If you still don't know the benefits of these sunscreens, it's time to read on.

Why should I use sunscreen?

The sun provides us with Vitamin D, beneficial for strengthening the immune system, reducing stress and the risk of disease.. Although, (everything in this life has a but) we must not forget how important it is to protect ourselves from UVA and UVB rays..

The ultraviolet radiation we receive when exposed to the sun causes loss of elasticity, fragility and premature aging of the skin.. It also damages the skin's ability to regenerate, which can lead to skin cancer.

But don't panic! Sunscreens aim to protect us from these alterations and are our best ally throughout the year.

Mineral sunscreens

The sunscreens with physical filters are those that contain mineral particles in their formulation, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.which are found naturally in the earth.

These particles are not absorbed, but remain on the surface of the skin, creating a screen or mirror that reflects solar radiation.. This is why they are known as physical sunscreens, since they generate a barrier between the skin and ultraviolet rays..

A perfect example is the sunscreen SPF50 from Laboratoires Biarritzformulated with 99.5% ingredients of natural origin and 100% physical filters. It will give you a moisturized and protected skin all day long, well, maybe not all day long, the sunscreen must be reapplied every two hours for a supreme protection.

It may be a bit tedious, but you won't think the same when in 10 years you will have smooth, wrinkle-free skin, thank you me from the past!

Benefits of sunscreens with physical filters

Let's get down to the important stuff, the reasons why you should switch to a mineral sunscreen and leave aside the chemical sunscreen we are so used to.

  • Ingredients of natural origin

Physical sunscreens are composed of natural minerals, which is why there are less likely to have a negative impact on our skin, and do not negatively affect the planet..

  • Less likely to cause irritation

Because they are more skin-friendly formulas, they are less likely to cause a skin reaction.

For this reason, they are especially for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as scars, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.. They are also perfect if you have had laser or peeling.

The best option in this case is the Solar Stick by Laboratoires Biarritzindicated for sensitive, reactive or uneven skin tones. It will help you correct minor imperfections and even out your skin tone. It is 100% natural, free of perfumes, silicones and chemicals. In addition, it is perfect to carry everywhere.

  • Protects from the first moment of application

One of the most common ways to recognize whether a sunscreen is mineral or chemical, is the minutes you have to wait to expose yourself to the sun after application. For chemical sunscreens, it is indicated that exposure should take place 15 to 30 minutes after application..

On the other hand, in mineral creams, exposure can be immediate.

  • Ecological and environmentally friendly

Several studies indicate that the use of sunscreens with chemical filters is related to the deterioration of flora and fauna. and fauna that inhabit the marine ecosystem. Specifically, the oxybenzone found in them damages the DNA of corals and decreases the coral population, with serious consequences in the medium term.

So for their conservation, it is preferable to use sunscreens with mineral filters, which are more beneficial for our skin and the preservation of the environment. Don't you think it is a good reason to make the change?

Mineral sunscreen on a woman

How do you know if a sunscreen is physical or chemical?

Mainly, many of the sunscreens on the cosmetic market use in their formulation chemical filters.

To identify it in your daily use sunscreen, you have to look for the ingredients: oxybenzone, octinoxate or avobenzone. The most common is oxybenzoneone of the most common ingredients in sunscreens. toxic ingredients in cosmetics and that we report in our Safe List

Why? A recent studydetermines that it is a compound that mimics human hormones and in the long term acts as a endocrine disruptoraffecting our respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic, cognitive and reproductive health.

Seems too harmful to be a simple component of a sunscreen, doesn't it? As toxic as your ex. These components penetrate the skin and bloodstream, being capable of causing negative effects on our health.

You should also pay attention, if you use, in this case, a sunscreen from mineral filtersunscreen, that does not contain nanoparticles in its formulation..

These also penetrate our skin and blood, and can cause damage to our health. You will see this if the list of ingredients shows the NANO next to titanium oxide or zinc oxide in the list of ingredients..

Mineral sunscreens from All Yours

Laboratoires Biarritza brand eco-friendly inspired by the sea with sunscreens for the whole family. Designed for outdoor sports, with a pleasant texture, suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

For a day at the beach, in the mountains or for outdoor sports, we recommend the Mineral Sunscreen by NuoriMineral Sunscreen, protects your skin instantly and prevents premature skin aging.

Another option, which we love, is the range of Salt & Stone with physical protection of SPF 50 and SPF 30. Formulated with Vitamin E, rosehip and avocado, ideal for dry and sensitive skin, plus it smells like summer, we are not crazy.

Salt & Stone Mineral Sunscreens

All our sunscreens are mineral, eco-friendlybiodegradable and with 99% natural ingredients, perfect for the whole family and suitable for even the most sensitive skin, what more could you ask for!

And if after the summer your skin has suffered, even if you have been diligent with sun protection, here are some of the best products for you. tips to restore your skin to optimum health.

If you need more personal advice and to try each and every texture to find the one that suits you best, feel free to visit us in our physical store All Yours in Barcelona.

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