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The cosmetics industry, with a production of some 120 billion plastic containers per year, is a major player in the production of waste. With 95% of this packaging discarded after a single use and only 10% recycled, the need for change is evident. This is where Ecoalf with its revolutionary proposal.

From fashion to beauty, a natural step for Ecoalf

Ecoalf's trajectory since 2009 is not unknown to lovers of sustainable fashion. This Spanish company has forged a path characterized by its commitment to the planet. But Ecoalf does not stop there. Its catalog is now expanding and welcomes a cosmetics line that promises to revolutionize the market with unprecedented packaging..

Ecoalf Wellness: More than beauty, a commitment to the planet.

Ecoalf not only seeks to be part of the solution, but also to be part of the solution. protagonist of a change towards sustainable cosmetics and clean beauty.. With the launch of its personal care line, it proposes an alternative to the norm. But what makes this line so different? 

  • Zero plastics and recyclable packagingBy opting for plastic-free and refillable packaging, Ecoalf is joining the circular cosmetics. The aluminum used in its packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable. not only gives an elegant appearance to your products, but also promotes reuse, avoiding the creation of more waste.
  • Powder formulas for skin and HairUnlike conventional products that use water as a base, Ecoalf Wellness uses water as a base. powder formulas that are activated with water to create a delicate foam.providing undiluted cleansing and care. Caring for water, one of the most essential resources of our planet, has been a constant for Ecoalf.
  • Vegan and sustainably sourced ingredientsEach Ecoalf Wellness product is formulated with ingredients of plant origin or obtained through biotechnology.. These ingredients come from food industry waste treated for cosmetic use, giving a second life to what was once considered garbage.

Ecoalf's BL@CK LIST: Commitment to naturalness

Ecoalf has gone one step further with its BL@CK LIST, a list of eliminated ingredients, ensuring that its products are vegan and up to 95% natural origin.. This transparency in formulation guarantees clean beauty, with no harmful substances to the skin or the environment.

Ecoalf Wellness

Local production for a lower carbon footprint

With a localized production in Spain and FranceEcoalf follows the whole process of creation of its products, minimizing CO2 emissions emissions at each stage. It is a brand that not only cares about the end of a product's life cycle, but also about its beginning and development.

Protecting our oceans

Caring for the sea is essential to Ecoalf. That is why they have formulated their products with particle molecules larger than 100 nm (non-nano). This reduces solubility in seawater and thus the exposure of marine organisms to toxic substances.s.

Ecoalf Wellness, a step forward in sustainable cosmetics

With every product from Ecoalf Wellnessproducts, we not only take care of our skin, but also the planet. Its commitment to sustainability, from formulation to packaging, is tangible proof that cosmetics and sustainability can go hand in hand.. As we move towards a greener future, brands like Ecoalf show us the way forward - clean, effective and conscious beauty is possible!

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