Ecoalf Wellness represents the new generation of products dedicated to skin and planet care.. Annually, the cosmetic industry generates around 120 billion plastic containers, 95% of which are discarded after a single use and only 10% are recycled. Faced with this situation, Ecoalf seeks to be part of the solution.

For this reason, the brand has launched a personal care line with plastic-free and refillable packaging, promoting circularity to protect the planet. By 2025, they have the mission to avoid the production of more than 78,000 plastic containers that would end up in landfills.

Ecoalf Wellness products are formulated from ingredients of plant or biotechnological origin.. They use sustainable and recycled components from food industry waste, which are treated for cosmetic use. In addition, they have replaced water with waxes and starches, which act as carriers of active ingredients, offering sebum-regulating and moisturizing properties in concentrated formulas.

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