In the beauty industry, there is a growing demand for products that respect both animals and the environment. Vegan makeup, which avoids the use of animal-derived ingredients, is becoming increasingly popular.Do you want to know which are the most popular vegan cosmetic brands of the moment? Read on!

What exactly is vegan makeup?

The vegan makeup refers to those cosmetic products whose composition does not include any ingredient of animal origin or derivative of animal origin.

In addition, vegan makeup brands usually commit themselves to sustainability policiesby opting for recyclable packaging and limiting their impact on the environment. In this sense, by opting for vegan makeup, you are not only choosing an animal cruelty-free option, but also a product that is more respectful of the planet.

Top 3 Most Popular 100% Vegan Makeup Brands

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is a vegan makeup brand with a deep commitment to health and natural beauty. This company emerged with the mission to transform the way women use makeup, turning it into something healthy and beneficial for the skin..

Founded by Rose-Marie Swift, a renowned makeup artist with more than 35 years of experience in the beauty industry. The brand is characterized by the manufacture of its products from organic and natural ingredients.. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its nourishing and antioxidant properties, ensuring that each product also provides treatment to the skin.

The products RMS Beauty are innovative, as they they are "living" cosmetics made through minimally refined processes.. This allows the ingredients to maintain their nutrients and enzymes, providing the skin with all their benefits. In addition to being a vegan brand, it has a strong commitment to sustainability. Its packaging, minimalist and elegant, is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable, which shows its commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Some of its most famous products are:

Vegan and cruelty free make up - RMS Beauty

UnCoverUp Concealer. A combination of concealer and foundation. Its formula is super moisturizing and provides a light and natural coverage, which gives a fresh look, plus it does not crack, what we always look for in a concealer.

Cream Illuminator - RMS Beauty

Living Luminizer. The cult illuminator of the brand, a very special product that provides a subtle and radiant glow. Its creamy texture and translucent effect make it adaptable to all skin tones. This product highlights the skin with a light-reflecting glow, providing a natural, dewy look.

Lip balm with color of the brand RMS Beauty

Liplights Cream Lip gloss. A multifunctional product that can be used on both lips and cheeks. It offers a wide range of vibrant shades and its formulation is very nourishing to keep your lips and cheeks juicy all day long.

Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo is a renowned British brand that has revolutionized the world of beauty with its products of mineral and vegan makeup products. Its name comes from the names of the two sisters who founded the company, Lily and Lolo. Their story began more than 10 years ago in the heart of London, and today their products are loved and recognized around the world.

Their focus on natural beauty and sustainability has led them to develop a line of products that are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and colorants..

The products of Lily Lolo products are made with mineral ingredients that nourish and protect the skin, providing flawless coverage and a natural finish.. Its makeup is light, easy to apply and suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

The brand has gained particular popularity for its Mineral Foundationwhich has become a cult product for its ability to cover imperfections and provide a natural-looking finish.

The philosophy of Lily Lolo focuses on creating beauty products that are healthy, effective and environmentally friendly.. With its motto "Natural beauty, superior performance", Lily Lolo is a brand that combines beauty and ethics in each of its products.

Brand illuminating suntan lotion Lily Lolo

Compact illuminator. It is perfect to create a fresh and radiant look for everyday or a glamorous night look, you only have to moderate the application. It contains anti-aging argan oil and pomegranate oil, and its formula is long-lasting.

Mascara - mascara - mascara - mascara Lily Lolo

Natural Vegan Mascara. This mascara is one of the brand's most popular products. It adds volume and length to the lashes, as well as being waterproof. Its formula is gentle and suitable for sensitive eyes.

Powder blusher - Lily Lolo

Mineral Blush. This mineral powder blush offers a range of natural and luminous shades that bring a touch of color to the cheeks. Its silky texture blends easily and its formula is non-comedogenic.


Mádara is a vegan cosmetics brand from Latvia. that has revolutionized the beauty industry with its innovative vision. The brand is named after a plant that is very common in northern European regions, reflecting its focus on using natural ingredients and its commitment to sustainability.

Mádara's philosophy is based on the belief that true beauty comes from nature, and they are committed to creating products that reflect this principle.. All of their products are formulated with organic and natural ingredients that are effective, safe and environmentally friendly..

One of Mádara's distinguishing characteristics is its dedication to research and development. They use the latest technology to enhance the healing and nourishing properties of natural ingredients from Northern Europe.. This focus on science and innovation has enabled them to develop high quality products that meet the most demanding standards of modern cosmetics.

All their products are vegan and cruelty-freeand their packaging is recyclable.reflecting its commitment to sustainability and respect for nature. In addition, Mádara is one of the first cosmetic brands in Northern Europe to obtain ECOCERT certification, which guarantees that its products are organic and natural.

Woman with various shades of foundation

CC Cream SPF15 'City CC. It is a moisturizing and protective cream with color. It contains hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient with anti-aging properties. It is formulated with natural and organic ingredients, is gentle and safe for all skin types. Corrects skin tone imperfections, dullness, redness and dark spots. Scientifically proven to protect your skin from urban pollutants, protecting the skin's microbiome and helping to prevent premature aging.

Lips with light pink gloss

Glossy Venom Lip Gloss. This lip gloss offers intense color and a glossy finish. It is enriched with hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil, so it also moisturizes and cares for the lips.

Dark circles concealer by Mádara

Luminous Perfecting Concealer. This concealer is perfect for concealing imperfections and dark circles, and provides a natural, luminous finish. Its light and creamy formula is easy to apply and blends perfectly with the skin.

How do I know if a makeup brand is really vegan?

One of the surest ways to identify if a makeup brand is truly vegan is through certifications. There are several organizations that provide certificates to vegan cosmetic brands to guarantee that their products do not contain animal-derived ingredients and have not been tested on them. For a more detailed explanation about vegan cosmetics certification, we invite you to read our article Vegan cosmetics certification.

In short, RMS Beauty, Lily Lolo and Mádara are excellent vegan makeup brands that combine ethics, sustainability and quality in each of their products.. Their commitment to natural beauty and environmental protection makes them perfect choices for those looking for makeup products. clean beauty.

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