Chica bañándose - Geles de ducha sin sulfatos ni parabenos


Skin care and environmental enhancement consciouslyenvironment has led many consumers to seek more natural and less aggressive products for their skin. In this context, sulfate- and paraben-free shower gels have become a popular choice.. In this blog post, we will explain the reasons to use these gels, how to use them and the benefits they offer.

5 reasons to use natural shower gels

Skin health

Natural shower gels are free of sulfates and parabens, chemicals that can irritate and damage the skin.. Using gels without these components promotes softer, healthier skin, reducing the risk of irritation and allergies.

Environmentally friendly

Opting for natural shower gels means choosing more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.. Many times, these gels are biodegradable and do not contain ingredients harmful to aquatic flora and fauna. This contributes to the protection of our ecosystems and ecological responsibility.

Suitable for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin or skin prone to conditions such as eczemanatural shower gels can be your perfect ally. They are formulated without harsh ingredients, providing gentle cleansing without irritating the skin.. This can improve overall skin health and prevent long-term problems.

Quality and effectiveness

The absence of sulfates and parabens does not mean sacrificing product quality or effectiveness. Natural shower gels are designed to cleanse efficiently, leaving the skin fresh and revitalized.. In addition, there are many brands that offer pleasant fragrances and sensations, providing a quality bathing experience.

Variety of brands and products

There is an increasing variety of brands that formulate in a more conscious way with the health of our skin and the environment. At All Yours organic shower gels can be found in brands such as Avril, Dr.Bronner's, Cut By Fred y Nuori

Natural shower gels on a shelf

How are shower gels used?

Step 1: Choosing the right gel

  • Select a gel that is appropriate for your skin type and personal preferences.

Step 2: Apply a small amount

  • Use a walnut-sized amount on a sponge or on your hand.

Step 3: Massage into skin

  • Rub the gel into the skin, forming a smooth, rich lather.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly

  • Be sure to thoroughly rinse the gel from the skin to avoid any residue.

What are the benefits of sulfate and paraben free shower gels?

As they do not contain sulfates, an ingredient with great dragging and cleansing power, but often irritating, the natural shower gels are gentler and less likely to cause irritation. In addition, because they do not contain plastics, they are biodegradable and less harmful to aquatic flora and fauna..

Even the most sensitive skins can benefit from these gels, as they do not contain aggressive ingredients.

Top 4 natural shower gels for All Yours

Shower gel from Avril

The shower gel of the French brand Avril is moisturizing, nourishing and gentle on your skin.. Its formula contains organic aloe vera and its plastic bottle is 100% recycled. 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin and are certified organic by Ecocert.

Natural shower gel brand Avril

Dr. Bronner's Organic Sugar Soap

The soap in gel format of the U.S. brand Dr. Bronner's Avril is natural, gentle and leaves a feeling of freshness and cleanliness on the skin like no other..

It is an all-in-one gel for hands, face, body and even hair. Suitable for all skin types, it contains pure essential oils and is packaged in plastic bottles. 100% recycled and its ingredients come from Fair Trade.

Enriched Hand & Body Wash by Nuori

Enriched Hand & Body Wash by Nuorithe Danish brand of ultra-fresh vegan products, has also thought about specific hand cleansing. That's why it brings you a delicious shower gel formulated with gentle plant-based cleansers and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties..

In its composition you will find white tea extract, a powerful antioxidant; natural glycerin and grape seed oil to nourish your skin intensely and natural pentylene glycol, an ally to improve skin texture.

Sulfate and paraben free shower gel of the brand Nuori

Baby Shampoo & Body Wash by Cut By Fred

2-in-1 shampoo and body wash gentle baby shampoo and body wash. Gently cleanses skin and hair from birth on. 100% natural and vegan.

2-in-1 formula, ideal for baby's body and hair. Completely natural and vegan, with no harsh ingredients. Leaves skin and hair soft, moisturized and delicately scented.

Gentle shower gel for babies

Sulfate and paraben-free shower gels are Ph Neutral?

Yes, most sulfate and paraben free shower gels are formulated to be pH neutral or close to the skin's natural pH level.which helps maintain a healthy skin barrier.

What is the difference between bath gel and shower gel?

The term "bath gel" and "shower gel" are often used interchangeably, but may have subtle differences in formulation. Bath gel may be more moisturizing and intended for a relaxing bath, while shower gel is formulated for quick and efficient cleansing in the shower.

In conclusion, the shower gels without sulfates and parabens shower gels offer a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to traditional gels. With so many options available, it's easy to find a product that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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