Hair loss is a normal process, sometimes seasonal or due to internal causes. However, the appearance of our hair has a significant influence on our self-esteem and well-being, so when it begins to fall out, it is a cause of concern for many. The good news is that in All Yours you can find a selection of products clean beauty that can help you to slow down and prevent hair loss.

What are the causes of hair loss?

  • Hormonal changes

A hormonal imbalance due to menopause or pregnancy, or thyroid problems, can lead to hair loss.

  • Stress

High stress or traumatic situations can trigger temporary hair loss due to alteration of the hair growth cycle.

  • Inadequate diet

The lack of essential nutrients such as iron, protein or vitamins can weaken the hair and cause hair loss.

  • Genetics

The androgenic alopeciacommonly known as male or female pattern baldness, is related to genetic and hormonal factors.

  • External Factors

The excessive use of chemical treatments, heat, or exposure to contaminants can damage the hair and scalp, leading to hair loss.

Natural products to stop and prevent hair loss

When to worry about hair loss?

Every day, as a general rule, we lose between 50 to 100 hairs a day as part of the renewal cycle. However, if you notice patches of hairlessness, a noticeable decrease in density or excessive shedding over a prolonged period of time, it is advisable to consult a specialist or investigate the causes of your hair loss or thinning.

How long can hair loss last?

The duration of hair loss depends on its cause. For example, hair loss due to stress or seasonal changes is usually temporary, lasting a few weeks or months.. However, conditions such as alopecia areata may be more persistent and require treatment.. If the cause is genetic, the hair loss could be progressive and permanent if left untreated.

How to prevent and stop hair loss?

The natural world offers a number of effective solutions:

  1. Castor oilCastor oil: Known to strengthen and stimulate hair growth thanks to its ricinoleic acid content.
  2. Aloe veraIts gel nourishes and soothes the scalp, cleansing the pores and strengthening the follicles.
  3. Green teaRich in antioxidants, it can help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
  4. RosemaryStimulates scalp circulation and strengthens the hair root, preventing hair loss.

On All Yoursyou can find products formulated to treat hair loss and keep your hair healthy and strong:

Hair scrub made from rahua

From the Amazon rainforest, rahua brings us products formulated with rahua. This exfoliating shampoo helps to deeply care for the scalp and keep it clean.

Exfoliates and cleanses at the same timesaving time in your hair care routine. Thanks to its formula based on star anise combined with mango and passion fruit enzymes, this shampoo achieves a purifying exfoliation of the scalp.It leaves an incredibly refreshing sensation, while removing dead cells and improving blood circulation in the scalp.

Stimulating scalp brush

Recurrent scalp massage is important to stimulate circulation and promote healthy and strong hair growth.. To do this, it is essential to use a scalp brush like this one from Cut By Fred.

With this brush you can soothe itching, combat flaking, eliminate dandruff and stimulate the growth of your hair. To enhance its benefits, it is advisable to use it with oils with beneficial properties for hair stimulation as the following that we recommend:

Scalp strengthening oil

Vegan Scalp Potion is a oil treatment to regenerate and revitalize the hair roots.It relieves redness, itching and reduces dry dandruff, in addition to stimulates hair growth. Its formula blends vegetable oils rich in essential omegas and protective ingredients such as baobab, marula and camelina that soothe dry roots and dandruff and will make your hair full of energy.

Natural hair loss capsules

Natural supplement clinically proven for increase hair growth and density in 12 weeks. Provides complete nourishment to the hair from the inside out, reducing breakage and improving overall hair health.

Topical supplement for hair loss

Supa Thick from the American brand The Nue Cois a topical hair supplement designed to combat hair loss and promote a stronger and fuller mane.

This gentle and light hair cream contains essential oils of peppermint and rosemary that help to promote fuller, thicker hair.and improve scalp microbiota.

What to do to have thicker hair?

  • Take care of your dietA diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals is essential for strong, healthy hair.
  • Massage your scalpMassaging the scalp with essential oils can stimulate circulation and strengthen follicles.
  • Avoid harsh chemical treatmentsBleaching, dyeing and other treatments can weaken the hair.
  • Use appropriate productsChoose shampoos and conditioners specific to your hair type and avoid those with harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid direct heatLimit the use of hair dryers, irons and curling irons. If it is necessary to use them, apply a heat protector.
  • Stay hydratedWater is essential to keep your hair hydrated from the inside. Drink enough water throughout the day.

In conclusion, hair care is not only about external products and treatments. Diet, lifestyle and the choice of natural and appropriate products play a fundamental role in hair health. With a little attention and the right remedies, you can combat hair loss and have a spectacular mane. Go ahead and try these products and have a radiant and healthy mane!

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