We are excited to tell you that we have made a special collaboration with Thinking Mu, that if you have not yet come across this incredible brand, we anticipate that it is from sustainable clothing that was born in Barcelona.

Thinking Mu y All Yoursunited by change

The reason why we have joined in this collaboration is simple, our brand values ​​are compatible and go in the same direction.

Thinking Mu became one of the first sustainable brands in Europe at its birth. as in All Yours, your mission is break away from the conventional by providing another way of doing and seeing society.

Tote Bag Thinking Mu x All YoursBoth brands have been built based on strong foundations that move us towards a sustainability path and marketing actions that generate real value for our consumers.

Well-made clothes and honest cosmetics come together so that you can find your space where you can buy quality products and good work.

At Tote Bag

Yes, we have made a Tote Bag, because they are very comfortable and we are very keen to offer you useful and reusable products for your day to day. 

Best of the best, It is a lifestyle. It is always choosing the best for you and for those around you.

It means taking the positive side of all your moments and making the decision to have fun in any situation. Best of the best is to choose ecological and beneficial cosmetics for your care and your environment, best of the best, is to choose clothing made from organic farming materials that generate less impact in their production.

And you are best of the best?

What can you use the Tote Bag for?

First of all, it is made with natural and ecological cotton. And our suggestion, because we have tried it and they fit perfectly, is that you wear a moisturizing lip balm like Hurraw's! o to soothing mist by Merme Berlinyou can also take a comb like Nuori's or to always be forewarned, the deodorant natural de Nuud. Or any vegan and cruelty-free product

You can also carry books, your wallet if you still resist paying for everything with your mobile. A Thinking Mu sweatshirt, in case it cools down.

Tote bag Thinking Mu x All YoursTo give you an idea, take everything, and that's why the keys may take a while to find, but it's worth it seeing how pretty it looks on, right?

Choose your favorite color, green or peach, and splurges style with the Tote Bag de Thinking Mu x All Yours.

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