Productos para hidratar y suavizar el cabello


We have enjoyed the beach, the long days and nights that we didn't want to end, the meals with friends and the trips. Now it's time to come back with our batteries recharged.

Skin and hair are often the most damaged after the summer.external agents such as the sun, sea water, swimming pools and a bad diet affect the skin and hair. our protective barrier.

But no need to worry, reserve a day for yourself and wrap yourself with a good headband, we are going to give you four tips to repair your hair and skin after summer.

1. Treat skin blemishes

Prolonged exposure to the sun, especially if we do not apply sunscreen and reapply it every 2 hours, can generate an excessive production of melanin and therefore dark spots and depigmentation.

The best active ingredient to treat them is Vitamin Cyour best friend from now on. Here are 3 products that will help you reduce the appearance of those that have already appeared and prevent them from appearing again:
Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum "Glow Drops" from Meisani 
€ 23,95

Moisturizing Cream with Vitamin C

C-2 Believe Brightening Vitamin C Moisturizer
€ 49,00

Stabilized Vitamin C

2. Exfoliates and removes dead cells

Now it's time for a reset, a good exfoliation for both face and body to remove dead skin cells. remove dead skin and leave your skin soft and shiny..

Do you like coffee? Make yourself a nice one and welcome the three exfoliating scrubs that will occupy your bath shelf from now on.

Facial scrub with Grums

Coffee facial scrub by Grums
€ 23,90

Hand scrub

€ 15,90

Natural Body Scrub

Hey Sugar Body Scrub
€ 37,00

3. Repair the skin's protective barrier

Yes, we've said it, you're tired of hearing it, the sun damages the skin. We also love the sunshine, but things as they are, without a good sunscreen, it's not easy to get a good sunscreen. protection against UVA and UVB rays your skin will be very affected after these months.

So it's time to repair the skin barrier and restore its glow and vitality. Bye bye redness, bye-bye dead skin, bonjour beautiful and radiant skin.

Soothing and Repairing Moisturizing Cream

Restoring cream

Restoring cream by Rassa
€ 42,00

Calendula cream

Calendula Juicy Cream Aromatica
€ 33,95

4. Intensive hair masks

If after spending the summer on the Costa Brava or on a beach in the Balearic Islands you notice your hair is dull and very dry, it's time to to restore shine and repair it in depth.

The best ingredients to get a hydrated, nourished and shiny mane are shea butter, coconut, marula and jojoba oil, among others.

The best way to get the maximum benefits is to apply the mask and leave it on for at least 30 minutes, and if it's overnight, even better.. Here are some recommendations of masks that have left our hair beautiful and restored.

Nourishing and strengthening mask

Nutritive Hair Mask
€ 23,90
Night repairing mask
Overnight Repair Mask by Cut By Fred
€ 59,00

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