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Grey Labdanum Abel
Grey Labdanum Abel
Grey Labdanum Abel
Grey Labdanum Abel

Perfume natural unisex

Grey Labdanum


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Freshness and warmth. It is a fresh and intense fragrance made with 100% natural ingredients that combines notes of bitter orange, violet, incense and patchouli.

¿A qué huele Grey Labdanum?

To whom it is addressed:

To whom it is addressed: To all people who love citrus aromas.

You will love it if you are looking for:

A natural, fresh and floral scent.

Why do we like it?

It stays on the skin for hours and hours. It is unisex. Its composition is based on natural musks.


If you are looking for a complement to accompany you every day and you love citrus aromas with an elegant touch, Grey Labdanum from the natural fragrance house Abel is for you. A fragrance that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Its formula contains a touch of grapefruit and violet, dark incense, ambergris and patchouli. A stunning combination full of contrasts in an elegant and minimalist bottle ideal to preside over your bathroom.


- Spray Grey Labdanum Grey from Abel in strategic areas of your body: behind your ears, on your wrists or on your décolleté.

- Put a few drops on your pillow or bedding to bring a floral touch to your bedroom as well.


Etanol, perfume, citral, citronelol, cumarina, eugenol, geraniol, isoeugenol, limoneno, linalol * Aceite de naranja amarga de origen natural - Francia, aceite de mandarina - Italia, extracto de pimienta rosa - Extracto de jengibre de la Isla de la Reunión - EE. UU. * Extracto de jengibre orgánico - Francia, Aceite de Bergamota - Italia, Aceite de Bergamota - Italia * Orgánico, Aceite de Petitgrain - Paraguay * Orgánico, Aceite de Vetiver - Sri Lanka * Orgánico, Vetiverol - * Nota de Vetiver Derivado Naturalmente, Absoluto de Cistus Labdanum - España, Aceite de Olibanum - Somalia, Aceite de Sándalo - India, Absoluto de haba tonka - Venezuela, Aceite de pachulí - Indonesia, Ambroxan - * Nota de ámbar gris de origen natural, Ambrettolida - * Nota de almizcle de origen natural, alcohol de grano (sin desnaturalizar) - Italia*


    Grey Labdanum Abel
    Grey Labdanum Abel
    Grey Labdanum Abel
    Grey Labdanum Abel
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