We are excited to welcome you to the blog of All Yours, where we will upload content about natural cosmetics, sustainability, personal care, health and many more topics that we would like to discuss.

You may wonder, now that you are reading this article, what is All Yours? And this is the question we like to answer the most.

All Yours is:

The new temple of honest cosmetics. A space for disconnection and free of stereotypes in which the best selection of clean beauty products for skin care and well-being coexist. We open the doors of our first physical store last November and since then we have welcomed more than 70 brands that put all their efforts into offering a vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics and sustainable.

What do we do differently in All Yours?

Safe cosmetics free of controversial ingredients

Our mission is to bring you closer to the best selection of niche brands of responsible cosmetics and discover that it is possible to lead a healthier lifestyle and free of ingredients that your skin does not need.

Together with our team of cosmetic experts we make a meticulous research work for each of the formulations of our products, which we collect in our Safe List.

Crema de manos

We do not sell false promises

Transparency is one of our fundamental pillars, we want you to be part of the process by which we choose the brands we work with, learn about the formulations and ingredients of each product.

Discover that the benefits of natural cosmetics together with the practice of self-love can do a lot for your health and for the planet.

Preserve the planet we live on

We work with brands that are aware of caring for the environment and are sustainable, whether through the formula, the packaging or some related solidarity action. we only work with brands that are changing the cosmetics and wellness sector for the better. Because it is possible to look good without giving up your principles.

Promote mental and physical well-being

Our goal is to be a store where you feel at home and to be able to help you find the ideal cosmetic for you, accompanying you and transmitting the confidence you deserve.

Tienda All Yours

Why you deserve the best!

where to start...

As a first step, we recommend you read the following article on natural cosmetics and thus have ample information to form an opinion.

If after reading this article you have any questions about whether natural cosmetics are for you, we invite you to visit us both at the physical store as in the online store and try any of our products.

The chemical agents of conventional cosmetics are not only found in facial products but also in shampoos, deodorants, hand soap, gels, body creams and makeup.

Here We leave you with some natural alternatives from brands that fit our vision of cosmetics, formulated with clean, safe and environmentally friendly ingredients.

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